Photography became a true passion, and profession, when I purchased my first SLR at the age of 14. I was extremely interested in portraits, but was not confident enough to ask people to model for me. So what did I do? I bought myself a tripod and took self portraits. I became obsessed with going out in the middle of a field in my small country town, and just snapping some photos. I started to play around with photoshop, and began to upload my photos on to a site called Flickr. After advertising my passion for photos, people started to ask me to capture some of their own moments. I have been running my business for 4 years now, and love every minute of it. I love meeting new people, and being able to take some candid images for my clients. I believe that doing a photo shoot is more than just getting photos done; it is truly an amazing experience that captures moments that will last a lifetime!


Along with my business, I am also working part time, as well as being in university full time. I am at the U of M working towards a Bachelor's Degree. If I am not taking photos or studying, I am either playing sports, or spending time with my lovely boxer, Bailey.

I love meeting new people, and listening to the life that they live. I believe that you can learn endlessly by listening to others, and their experiences. Last year, I decided to hop on a plane, and travel to Australia for 6 weeks. I was blessed enough to meet so many special people, and experience so many wonderful things. I also took some great photos of people and places that have grown so close to my heart.

My goal is to be able to create images that are unforgettable; Images that you can feel something special just by looking at it. I want to deliver a finished product that you will instantly fall in love with. I want to give you not just photos, but an enjoyable experience. I promise that I will work hard to do so (which might include you having to laugh at my bad jokes in the process). If you think I would be a good match for you, send me an email and we can talk more.

I can't wait to hear from you! xx.