I never grew up wanting to take photos for a career. I actually grew up wanting to become a vet (boy, did I go the opposite direction). To be honest, I didn’t even see photography as a business opportunity until a couple years after I started taking photos. I started off taking photos solely because I enjoyed it. I started with self portraits, and everything just started to fall into my lap.

My first wedding was in Manzanillo, Mexico. It was an absolutely dream, and of course a huge learning experience. Ever since, I’ve been working my butt off to build my passion into a business, while finishing university, travelling, and working full time.

My goal is to be able to create images that are unforgettable; Images that you can feel something special. I want to deliver a finished product that you will instantly fall in love with. I want to give you not just photos, but an experience. I promise that I will work my butt off for you. I will be there for whatever you need, and I will get those moments you didn’t even realize were happening. I’ll be that creep behind the camera, snapping those “in the moment” shots of you and your loved ones. I will give you my all, because I know how important it is to have something tangible to look back on for the most important days of your life.



  1. I brought Bailey home when I was 15, and she’s been my world ever since

  2. Home is London, ON with my loves Scott & Bailey-Boo (soon there will be four of us!)

  3. I’ve traveled to Australia (twice), Bali, Malta, Italy, Croatia, U.K., and all over Canada & the U.S.

  4. The last time I ate meat/chicken was about 5-6 years ago

  5. I love avocado. So friggin’ much. Give me all the guac

  6. I still play Women’s Fastpitch during the summer

  7. I would love to volunteer overseas (I’ve been thinking of Africa)

  8. I have a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Degree, which I completed the summer of 2018

  9. I have been slightly obsessed with our home renos since Scott & I bought our home in August. Let me tell you, it is a terrible addiction that is killing our budget.

  10. There is a good chance I will be crying during speeches. Not the full out bawl, just a couple tears. I am a sucker for all the love, happiness, and laughs that speeches bring

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