Portrait Fun ft. Kanisha

This beautiful girl's name is Kanisha. I met Kanisha a while back, and had asked her for some help with my website. As soon as we met, I felt complete comfort - Kanisha is so genuine, and kind hearted, and is probably one of the easiest people to talk to. We stayed connected, and when she asked me to do some portraits I was thrilled. 

We met up a couple weeks back to go explore Grand Beach, and play with smoke bombs. I was so excited, you wouldn't believe. You also would not believe how difficult it can be to try to shoot with these things! They last about 30-60 seconds, and can make some nasty marks on your clothes... so be careful. 

This shoot was everything I could have imagined and more. I cannot wait to shoot with this bombshell again.

Check out some of the photos we got: 

I hope you all enjoy! If you're ever interested in doing a fun and unique shoot, I'm your girl!