A great start to 2016...

I know I said I was going to post last night, but I ended up getting into a serious movie marathon and dosed off. 

Yesterday was the launch of my new and improved website and I am already blown away by the views and shares I've had within the last 24 hours. This site would not be what it is if it was not for Kanisha, as she was able to bring my vision to life! I am beyond grateful for her, and cannot thank her enough for helping me out. Check her out if you ever need a graphic designer, she is absolutely lovely to work with. 

Not only was yesterday the launch of the new site, but it was also the first snowfall for Caledon! Last week we had some freezing rain/snow, so I'm going to pretend that doesn't count because it was horrible. Yesterday was a different story.  We had the biggest, most beautiful snowflakes fall ALL day! Of course I ran outside, still in my pajamas and snapped some photos. 

Keep in my that I literally had to step 10 feet to get this view. Which is one of my favorite things about the parents house. The view is absolutely breath taking and I get this view everyday for the next 4 months. This also means my photography will be a majority of nature or self portraits until I build up a client base out here! 

And of course, I could't forget to take a few of my baby girl... 

Wishing you all a Happy New Years! 

Cheers xx.